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What is Ollie Coaching?

Play the video for an overview of what Ollie Coaching is and how it can help children of all ages.  

Who is Ollie?

So, Who is Ollie and how can he help?

Ollie is a boy who was being bullied at school and with the help of someone from the old peoples home where his mum works, he is taken on a magical journey to learn about his emotions and how to manage them. 


How does 'Ollie & His Super Powers' help children to manage their emotions?

Ollie Coaches help children understand about their emotions in a simple but really enjoyable way, helping them to understand that if they feel a little sad, afraid or just not happy, they can make that feeling smaller . Or replace it with another feeling like safe, happy or calm. For young children we liken their emotions to superpowers.   We show them how to make their 'super powers' bigger.  And the bigger they get, the bigger the feeling! 

We show them how, using techniques they can use to help with any problem they come up against both in childhood and through to adulthood. 

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