Parenting Know How
A course for parents of young children focussing on promoting good behaviour. Please do the sessions in order. 
Section 1


Bulding Secure Bonds

A Secure Base

How to meet Childrens Needs

Good Parenting Model

and more...

Section 3

Behaviour to Ignore or Praise

Rewards and Sanctions


Giving Choices

Counting  & Time out

Why not to give in.

Section 2

Children's Development

Ages and Stages

Importance of Play

Rules & Boundaries

Role Modelling

Why Behaviour Happens

Section 4  

Talking and Reasoning

Choosing your battles

Connection before correction

How to talk to children

Family Meetings

The Golden Rules. 

How to connect better
  with your chidren 

This presentation explains the different Learning and Communication styles and how you can use them to understand how your child learns and how to communicate more effectively with them