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Ollie for Children
& Families

Changing unwanted behaviour.

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About Me 


 Helping children with special needs

or challenging behaviours. 

As a very experienced Primary School Teacher and Foster Carer, I have a wealth of knowledge, experience and understanding of working with children who have special needs or challenging behaviours. 

I specialise in working with children and families

I found Ollie Coaching whilst looking for a way to help children in my care who were struggling with their emotions. Hence the name Help My Child. I was so impressed with this simple but extremely effectively of working with children and supporting parents and the school and community around the child, that I trained to become an Ollie Coach.

Now I help children and Adults throughout Warwickshire (and further afield online) with their emotional wellbeing.


I believe we need to help our children to become resilient. They need to have tools in their toolbox and skills to cope with emotional challenges and setbacks. If we don't give them the tools and help them develop the skills we are only allowing them to store up mental health problems for the future. Ollie Coaching is preventative - that's why I love it!

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Book a FREE Session now. 

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Ollie Coaching for Children

 Helping children learn about their
emotions and change their behaviours.

I work with individual children and families, using child-friendly language to explain how our mind works and why we feel what we feel, so that I can help children make the changes needed,  in a very empowering way.


The Ollie concept allows children to  work through their issues. We use positive psychology to help them become the very best version of themselves that they can be.

And we help you as parents to support your child. We are with you every step of the way. 

Ollie Coaches don’t “fix” people. We believe it is better to teach people how to use a range of techniques so they can help themselves. We empower people to help themselves with anything life can throw at them.


So Ollie Coaching is preventative and will help a child and their family deal with any problems they may have.

There are no long waiting lists.

And you don’t need to wait for things to get really bad

before we can help.

To Introduce sessions to your child, show this video to them. 
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