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Supporting teenagers 

through change.

My main work with teenagers is around stress and anxiety , especially with transitions, relationships, exam stress and dealing with unwanted or intrusive thoughts.

Teenagers are growing emotionally as well as physically and there are a lot of pressures on them to succeed at school,   be resilient in relationships and deal with stress, change

and transitions.

Their poor brains and emotions are overloaded!

This can be hard when hormones are also changing and in a high-pressured world of social media. Not to mention the pressure they often put upon themselves.

And it can be hard on you as parents and families too!

With older children and teens the Ollie concept is simple.

We are all made up of lots of different parts or emotions. 

We are all unique because we are made up of our experiences and the emotions we attach to these experiences. This shapes how we think and react in certain situations.

There is no right or wrong about the emotions and feelings we all have, or in the way we react, but understanding why we feel and act as we do often helps teenagers and their families to cope and manage emotions and relationships better.  


  Ollie Coaching finds a persons strengths and makes them stronger. We use these strengths to help young people deal with their problems in any particular situation, giving them the tools to take with them and use as they grow an mature, building resiliencs and helping them gain empathy and problem solving skills. 

Show this to your Teen so they can see how I can help them
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Ollie Coaching  For Teens

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