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Parents Course
How to Help Your Child
So, if you answered YES to any of the above then
these workshops are definitely for you!

Do you spend a lot of time Worrying about your child? 

Is Parenting a constant Challenge or a battle

Do you feel Alone or that everyone else is

doing a better job? 

Or are you Fraught with Conflicts or debates  with your

partner or other family members about how to parent?

Maybe you feel:

Lost? Unconfident? Unsure?

You want to do the best for your child but

you're not sure how! 

Or you may wish that there was a safe space to explore
parenting where you had more
support, information or understanding?

Well There Is! At Last! 

There is nothing wrong with you or your child! 


How to Help Your Child
for Parents of Pre-school & Primary Age Children

These workshops are for

parents of  3-8 year olds who want to learn tips and techniques to help them raise confident, empathetic, resilient and  well behaved children who sleep at night and are a pleasure to be with. 

Individual Ollie Coaching  
Sessions for Children or Teens

Personal one to one

Ollie Coaching sessions with Belinda.

These are individually tailored to you and your child's specific needs and family circumstances.

They can be in person or online. 

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