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A Trip to A&E.

One of the children in my care - a 6 year old lad with a piece of paper stuck in his ear. Yes. In his ear. Why did you do that? I wanted to see what would happen. So this is what happened....

A 3 hour wait in the waiting room. Only 20 mins in J was already saying he wished he hadn't put the paper in his ear. "I can still hear" "Can we go home coz it's not hurting me." "'I'm hungry"

Eventually when we did see the doctor I was almost in stitches as every time he put the otto-scope into his ear J turned round to see if he could see what was happening. Then after 3 or four attempts, being asked to keep his head still and when he realised that you can't actually see your ear by turning your head round, he held his chin still and strained his eyes round as far as he could towards his ear!!

Even the doctor was smiling quietly. He explained that J wouldn't be able to see in his own ear, as obviously he's not a contortionist. Then the Dr. asked if perhaps J could look inside my ear instead. I agreed. J turned to me and said, why have you got paper stuck in your ear too?

The piece of paper was retrieved within moments.

It was about a quarter the size of a pea!

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