Own up.... Have you ever?

Some silly things we all do and some that perhaps we shouldn’t!

Have you ever found yourself standing on and off the bathroom scales a few times to check and re check that you read it correctly….. or turned them off and on again to check that you really do weigh that much? Maybe you’ve even spoken severely to them or chastised them saying they can’t be telling the truth.

Ever caught yourself checking and rechecking your fridge or cupboard, to see if the food fairies have magically brought something inspiring straight to your home when you were asleep? I often find myself standing staring into the freezer, hoping that some incredible recipe ingredients or an idea will magically appear. And sometimes even after a trip to the supermarket, having way overspent, I still don’t know what to make for dinner.

Do you ever go into a room, only to come back out again to re-trace your steps because you forgot what you went in for? Or spent a few moments panicking, looking for your glasses, which were on your head all the time? Sat in your car rummaging through your handbag frantically looking for the car keys, which are still in the door?

I’ve probably done all of these things - and some!

We are all human - and yes, we all do stupid things from time to time. And we have memory lapses - it’s normal!

Hands up if you are guilty of any of these…..

On spotting someone in the supermarket that you didn’t want to speak to, you hurriedly pick up a jar or can of something you are not remotely interested in and spend time intensely studying everything on the label, so as not to be noticed? Or hurriedly reversed back up an aisle to avoid someone you nearly bumped into - only to find they have diverted too. (Then you pretend you’re really pleased to see them but look at your watch and tell them you have an appointment and must dash.)

I know whilst cooking I’ve read the directions on a box of food, thrown it in the bin, then had to take it out again, because I’d forgotten everything I’d read already.

Once I remember suddenly jumping up and down in the high street in a ridiculous attempt to look as if I was dancing or skipping (I’m not sure which) to cover up the fact that I’d just tripped and almost fallen over a proud paving stone.

And sadly, I have been guilty of telling that little while lie to my doctor, you know the one when they ask you how much alcohol you drink each week. (Ouch!) Who do I think I’m kidding. They must know and round up everything we say to the nearest, possibly more truthful amount.

I’ve spent time searching for my phone while holding it in my hand or transporting it in my back pocket, usually ending up phoning it from my landline, before realising my mistake. I have accidentally sent a text to the person I was talking about, how embarrassing, then to make matters worse I’ve tried to make some lame excuse to prove that it wasn’t what I really meant. I‘m also ashamed to say that I have ignored an email I didn’t want to answer for weeks on end, then emailed back saying, "Somehow this ended up in my spam folder." And I have pretended my signal was going, so as not to have to continue a conversation. Oops. Feel bad about that too.

Occasionally I have spent time berating an inanimate object as if it was victimising me. Blamed an object for something, which was obviously my fault! Like the time I swore at the hoover for not picking up the dog hair on the carpet, just to spite me. Accused the washing machine of deliberately not starting the cycle when it knew I was strapped for time and needed to hang it out before I went! Or not looked where I was going, tripped over the dog and sent it out with it’s tail between it’s legs, for sitting in a stupid place. Well, he does sometimes though - right in the doorway. I would really need to be looking where I was going to see him! But I was doing that other thing I do a lot - carrying an oversized pile of something to save 2 journeys. I don’t know why on earth we do that… do you do it too? It never saves time! Often ends up taking more time to clear up and sort out the mess! And what is wrong with doing 2 journeys?

I have spent time in a shop looking at something, then seen the outrageous price on the label, but hidden my shock and still pretended I was considering buying it.

I’ve laughed loudly when I didn’t get the joke.

I’ve bought a week's worth of fresh vegetables and not used any of it.

And I have been known to go to the beach and spend ages looking for the perfect spot.

More recently I have gone onto a zoom meeting to check my hair before joining the session. Oh, and on the subject of teams and zoom, I did once find the silly images you can use for fun, and placed a pirate hat and eye patch on my face - only to lose the screen where I could remove it. I had to spend the whole meeting with my camera off!

Ah well. These misdemeanours are mostly harmless, aren’t they? But I may look back on this one day and feel embarrassed that once I wrote a blog post owning up to some of the silly things I’ve done! But for now, they just give me a giggle as I look back on them!

It’s very cathartic to be able to laugh at yourself!

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