Rainy Day.

I don't really think you thought this through.

All the children in my care have been attending a theatre summer workshop. When I came to collect them they were all chatty and telling me everything that they'd been doing.

As we left the building the rain was torrential. Ushering out the 4 children, I put up the umbrella. 3 of them joined me in walking slowly but sensibly huddled together.

However the eldest child, a teenager, determined to show how sensible and independent she was, sped past us saying  "I'm going to leg it to the car" and she ran at break-neck speed ...... only to realise upon arriving that the car door (as always) was locked.

As she was getting more and more drenched she turned round, head ducked, half closed eyes trying to shelter from the deluge and delivered a resigned look that, had it been voiced, would have said "Oh sh... I didn't think that one through!" 

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