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Bite Size behaviour Tips.

The Turtle Technique.

This is a technique we used with a young child who used to hit out when he was hurt, frustrated or angry. Using the Turtle Technique actually helps the child to understand that it is ok to feel angry, or sad, but that there is a way of dealing with these emotions so the outcome can be very different.

I think this empowers a child by giving them the opportunity to make the right choice and take control of the situation with a more positive outcome whilst still recognising that their feelings are important.

I mentioned this technique to this particular child’s teacher one day when she reported to me that he had hit another child in school. She said she had a toy turtle in the classroom and she now uses it for our foster child. He is allowed time out with the turtle.

Using this technique had very good results with this particular child.

The steps of how to control feelings and calm down (“think like a turtle”)

Step 1:   Recognise your feeling(s).

Step 2:   Think “stop”.

Step 3:   Tuck inside your “shell” and take 3 deep breaths.

Step 4:   Come out when calm and think of a “solution”.

Try it and see if it works for you or your child.

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