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Is Your Teen Hanging Out with the Wrong Crowd? Here's what to do.

So, your teen is hanging out with a crowd you're not happy with.

Don't hit the panic button just yet. Take a deep breath and talk to your

teen with an open mind. Get to know what attracts them to this group

and what they find enjoyable.

Avoid judging or being critical, as it might make them shut down.

Next, set some clear boundaries and expectations for your teen's behaviour. Get creative, like setting curfews, limiting time spent with certain pals,

or asking for regular check-ins.

Lastly, encourage your teen to pursue hobbies and activities that align with their values and interests. Get them involved in sports, volunteering, art, or other positive outlets. Keep in mind that adolescence is a time of experimentation, and your teen is bound to make mistakes.

Remember, it's natural for teens to experiment and test boundaries as they navigate the challenges of adolescence. By approaching the situation with patience, understanding, and open communication, you can help

guide your teen.

Being calm and patient yourself, you can help them make positive

choices and build healthy relationships.

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