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OMG! Homework!!

If your kids are like mine - they hate it.

My daughter feels it is an intrusion on what should be a 6 week do as you please chill out. But she is doing her GCSE's next year, so no such luck.

She's been resisting doing homework and insisting that she will do half an hour a day. But that 30 mins isn't being used well and I can see that this is stressing her out!!

We went to Grandma's yesterday and Grandma, like me said she should do as much as possible and get it all out of the way before we go on holiday. Then Grandma showed her a pebble with a saying written on it. It said, "What you resist persists."

Mmm! We talked about it on the way home in the car.

I realised that what was needed was plan to get the homework done. She had too much and it seemed insurmountable to her. She needed to break it down into chunks and then she could plan what to do each day and make a timetable.

After all if you have a loaf of bread to feed to the ducks, you don't throw the whole loaf do you?

So we looked at what she had to do, roughly how long each piece would take and then we divided it out among the available days - leaving weekends and our weeks holiday free.

She is now really happy as she can see it's not actually such a big task. And what a valuable Life Lesson to learn!

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