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The Winning Pebble!

Now that the rain is here and everything feels as though autumn must be setting in, I thought I'd cheer myself up today by looking back over some of our holiday photographs. No, don't panic! I'm not going to share them with you. Well only one.We'd had a great time in Wales. The weather one day was a little overcast and perhaps not beach and sandcastle type weather so we decided to take a walk along the coastal path to a secluded an little known beach. With the foster children the walk was quite a feat. So we had to make it interesting along the way by 'spotting' things and playing games. However when we finally rounded the last corner

and could see the deserted beach below, we all decided the walk was really worth it. We went down and had our picnic. Then everybody was trying to decide what to do. Because we'd walked we hadn't come equipped with buckets and spades which was just as well as it was a very pebbly beach. I cast my mind back to the days when I was a child and I remembered we used to have little competitions, one of them being who could find the most interesting pebble. We set categories:The smoothest, the smallest, the prettiest, the flattest, the roundest. You name it - we had it. About 15 categories. The children absolutely loved it and all of them spent time sitting on the beach searching through different pebbles and putting their favourite ones into the different categories. After a while we said time was up up and set about judging. I have to say just two minutes before the end of the competition time I came across what ultimately became the winning 'most interesting shaped' pebble. Just wanted to share it with you. Is that a duck or what?

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