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Another Review following my work in a local school...

"I am a primary school teacher with experience in SEN and SAL needs.

I am a mum of 3 boys. One is adopted so I have trained in therapeutic parenting and NVR.

He has just started Ollie coaching and came back from his first session so positive...this is after years of many failed interventions with many different professionals. I was amazed.  I need to know what your special power is so I can pass it on to other children who need support and positive strategies in their lives."

Ollie Coaching In Schools

Helping children be the best they can be.

 We offer Free Assemblies to both Primary and Secondry Schools so you can see who we are and what we do. 

As well as our very popular morning assemblies to introduce Emotions, Anti-Bullying and friendship issues for primary school children


Reality Tunnels and Limiting Beliefs for Secondry children,

we can provide a range of services.

Do you struggle to keep some children's behaviour or emotions under control?

Feel that you are asked to do never-ending pastoral care with children who struggle socially and emotionally?

We work with individuals or groups of children on particular topics such as 'friendship groups', 'empathy', or 'building resilience'. We work one-to-one with specific children who need that extra bit of help with understanding and managing their emotions.

Ollie Emotional Resilience Prevent Programmes are where students and young people learn why we need all our emotions, how we sometimes misunderstand people and much more, building resilience, empathy, self-worth and confidence, all in a team environment.

Young people learn the powerful idea that they can be in control of their emotions rather than being controlled by them.

They also discover:

    • why we think differently

    • why we each worry or are scared by different things

    • why anxiety is pretty cool !

    • why we need all our emotions

    • how sometimes we misunderstand people and are misunderstood

    • self-worth, empathy, resilience and lots more!

Creating a great foundation for ongoing emotional resilience.

Ollie Teens is a 6 week, one hour a week programme where we take a group of teens (usually 10) and teach them some of the cool stuff we do as therapists to help themselves take control of their emotions rather than be controlled by them and to help others!

It’s fun and interactive.  We work through youth group’s, schools and charities to create the perfect content for the teens that they feel could use a little help or really grow from learning how to help others.

We teach them communication skills, emotional resilience, goal setting and how to help others with anxiety and self-worth. At the end of the programme they get an Ollie Teen Ambassador Certificate and a coveted Ollie Ambassador T shirt!

We have run our Teens programmes with heart-warming results with organisations such as Mae Murray Foundation where we had a mix of ages and physical and cognitive abilities, but the course levelled the playing field and created a team of awesome teens!

Ollie Kids is based on the same principle as above in all respects except age. Ollie Kid’s runs groups for 6 - 8 year olds and 9 -11 year olds. Again, the course will be designed around the physical and cognitive capabilities of the group and is a 5 or 6 week, one hour a week programme, which has been run with family centres and in schools creating great junior ambassadors. 

Ollie Prevent is a whole class based programme which can be run throughout the whole school, because prevention is better than cure : emotionally and financially. 

We strongly believe that every child should have the chance to learn how to manage their own emotional wellbeing, protecting them from the problems they may encounter in school and beyond. 

We can deliver Ollie Prevent programmes throughout your whole school, usually one class at a time, teaching children to understand and manage their emotions and become more resilient to problems like bullying, friendship issues, low confidence and low self-esteem. 

Students and young people learn why we need all our emotions; how we sometimes misunderstand people; building resilience, empathy, self-worth and confidence; and the powerful idea that they can be in control of their emotions rather than being controlled by them, all in a team environment.

Packages: We also design packages to suit your requirements, including working with you to create outcome measures specific to each child. We also provide on-going training and support to staff in using the Ollie concept for communication and rapport building which will help you get the very best from all the children you are working with.


We do Parent's Evenings and offer Staff Training and Lesson Plans. 


And of course there are the Ollie books and 1-1 coaching too!

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