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Why is Homework such a Taboo with Teens?

As teenagers transition into high school, they are expected to take in more responsibilities, including completing homework. They will have different teachers for each subject and it is a much larger, busier environment than they have been used to. And more work too!Consequently many teens see homework as a burden and a source of stress.

This could be for many reasons:

Feeling overwhelmed with the amount of homework they receive,

Struggling to understand the material,

or simply feeling burnt out from a long day of school.

Some teens may have after-school commitments or part-time jobs that limit the time they have to complete homework. It's important for parents and teachers to understand and address these concerns to help alleviate the negative stigma surrounding homework and promote a healthy attitude towards learning.

The school day is short - which should give time for some work at home!

Consider suggesting they stay at school to do homework at a club... then when they return home they can relax. (This often helps them to choose to work at home rather than stay at school.)

But either way - like a lot of things in life, homework is an expectation, not a choice. Learning this will help them with other life situations too.

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